sunday morning quickie gourmet!

my sunday morning...
a little Sunday morning quickie gourmet breakfast recipe!
you know those frozen french toast sticks you get in the freezer section of your grocery store?
they are usually dry and you slip them in the toaster or microwave to heat them up.
well this is a little way i created to 'gourmet' them up!
and it's quick too! 
don't they look divine!
okay, so here is what you will need - 
*a box or bag of frozen french sticks from your local grocer.
*about a half a stick of butter (not margerine)
*about a 1/2 cup of granulated sugar
*cinnamon to taste, your preference, i used about 1 teaspoon
*a small grill (or large if you have a bigger table to feed)
*your favorite syrup
*a plate, fork, knife & a hungry tummie!

first you take your cinnamon & sugar and mix them together for your coating (i mixed them together in a round cake pan, worked fab!)

get your bag of frozen french toast sticks (they can still be a bit frozen) and coat the puppies with that sugar/cinnamon mixture. 

the mixture will stick well with the wetness of the frost on french toast sticks.
for a moment let your french toast sticks set in the coating and get your grill ready, set your temp on approximately the med-hi setting. i use a Nu-Wave™ cooktop (they are amazing!), however any Teflon pan or cast iron grill pan will work.
melt about a 1 tablespoon of your butter all over your grill/pan, getting it good and bubbly, then place your french toast sticks on it. 

cook them about 1 minute on each side. you will know they are done when they become a little crispy.

when you have them cooked, take them back to your coating and cover them again, with another layer of your cinnamon/sugar mixture.

place them on a plate and top them with a dollop of butter and some drizzled syrup! (or your favorite toppings!)
be creative!

they will NOT taste like your typical
 'frozen french toast sticks'!!
they come out amazing!
i would love to hear of your versions or creations!
email me at ohmytookies@gmail.com

be blessed!

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